Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is Seattle’s leading grassroots advocacy organization working to make every neighborhood a great place to walk, bike and live.

We envision a future where Seattle's streets unite neighborhoods and connect people to where they need to go. Walking and biking are convenient, safe, comfortable, and even joyful. Children are able to walk and bike to school and to parks. Seniors are able to stay active and connected by walking and biking. Seattle's streets — one third of our publicly ­owned space — incorporate neighborhood priorities for play, relaxation, recreation, greenery, and community­ building. The streets and transportation systems are truly accessible and welcoming, and reflect the needs of people of every age, language, ethnicity, gender, race, ability, and income. We’ll have more choices for how to get around, be safer, save money, and reduce climate pollution. Since 2011, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (SNG) has been an organization built around our citywide network of neighborhood chapters. Click here to find and connect with your local chapter.