Georgetown + South Park Trail

GT+SP Trail!

The Georgetown + South Park Trail

Project Starts August 2018!

Last year, following the insistence of neighbors working together as Duwamish Valley Safe Streets, Seattle City Council voted to publicly fund building a trail for people walking, biking and rolling to connect Georgetown and South Park. 

MIG|SvR Design Company has been hired by Seattle Department of Transportation to work with our communities to figure out where the trail will go, how it will look and function.

In early July, a diverse range of community groups will be invited by the City to send one representative to a facilitated workshop on August 6th.  During this special workshop, participants invited to attend by SDOT will give input to help determine where the trail should go. SvR will then take this input and work up details about the proposed route to share with the larger community. 

Designing this trail is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.                                              Contact us...

  • To stay informed…
  • Learn ways to give input…
  • Work with neighbors to create a great trail for all!


Project Background

Georgetown and South Park neighborhoods are a flat, short distance apart, but lack a safe route where everyone feels comfortable to walk, ride a bike, use a wheelchair, or push a child in a stroller.

The idea of connecting our neighborhoods with a special trail, just for people has been around in both neighborhoods since 1998.

Making a safe, comfortable, people-only trail that connects our two “Main Streets” will reconnect the heart of the Duwamish Valley — improving Health, Economy, Access to Services, Safety, Social Cohesion, Resilience, Vibrancy, Affordable Transportation and Reduce Pollution!

Join your neighbors and Duwamish Valley Safe Streets volunteers and lets BUILD the GT+SP TRAIL!

These organizations have already declared their support for building a GT<->SP Trail, email us to let us know if your organization would like to join the list of supporters!