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Preferred Route

There were 7 route options presented by Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). Preferences about the route options were gathered between June 6th and July 31st by paper ballot, online survey, and public outreach events.

Based on the input from surveys, outreach and letters, SDOT’s design team is moving forward with developing early design focused on the route pictured HERE:

  • Georgetown Connection: A walking/biking path on Ellis Ave S, S Albro Pl, and 13th Ave S

  • E Marginal Way S Connection: A walking/biking path or two-way protected bike lane on the north side of E Marginal Way S

  • South Park Connection: One-way protected bike lanes on both sides of 16th Ave S leading to the South Park Bridge

A really great outcome of this process is that the route that will be developed responds best to the priorities identified by the community — a route that connects with the most businesses, bus stops and other bike routes,  takes advantage of open sight-lines and street lighting and also has the most opportunities for giving people walking and biking separate travel spaces.  This is an extraordinary example of why community involvement in re-designing our public spaces can be so important.

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This project is funded in part by a Duwamish River Opportunity Fund award from the City of Seattle.